The Fujaba Project

The Fujaba Tool Suite (shortly: Fujaba) is an open source CASE tool providing developers with support for model-based software engineering and re-engineering. The Fujaba project aimes at developing and extending the Fujaba Tool Suite and thus offering an extensible plattform for software engineering researchers. The Fujaba Development Group is permanently developing and extending Fujaba and numerous related tools.

Originally, Fujaba was aimed to support software forward and reverse engineering. That is why Fujaba is an acronym for "From UML to Java and back again".

Fujaba's main features are:

Latest News

New version of Archimetrix released

Today, version 1.3 of the component-based architecture reconstruction tool Archimetrix was released.Archimetrix can reconstruct component-based software architectures from source code. It uses pattern detetction techniques to recognise design deficiencies in the software and support their removal. This way, the reconstructed architectures are not influenced by the design deficiencies.


New versions of Reclipse and Archimetrix released

Today, new versions of the two reengineering tools, Reclipse and Archimetrix, were released.Reclipse can be used to detect pre-defined patterns in Java source code. In addition to the structural analysis of code, the new version also supports the dynamic analysis of the software's run-time behavior.Archimetrix uses the techniques implemented in Reclipse in order to detect deficiencies in


New Version of Reclipse released

Today, we released a new version of the reengineering tool suite Reclipse. It comes with a new parser (which supports Java 1.6, C++, and Delphi), EMF-based pattern specifications, and many more little tweaks and fixes. Check it out today!


CFP: 8th International Fujaba Days, University of Tartu, Estonia, May 11-13, 2011

8th International Fujaba DaysUniversity of Tartu, EstoniaMay 11-13, 2011 and GoalsFujaba is an Open Source UML CASE tool project started at the software engineering group of Paderborn University in 1997. In 2002 Fujaba has been redesigned and became the Fujaba Tool Suite with a plug-in architecture allowing developers to add functionality easily while retaining ful


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