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CFP: 8th International Fujaba Days, University of Tartu, Estonia, May 11-13, 2011

By: Ulrich Norbisrath

8th International Fujaba Days

University of Tartu, Estonia
May 11-13, 2011

Topics and Goals

Fujaba is an Open Source UML CASE tool project started at the software engineering group of Paderborn University in 1997. In 2002 Fujaba has been redesigned and became the Fujaba Tool Suite with a plug-in architecture allowing developers to add functionality easily while retaining full control over their contributions.

Fujaba followed the model-driven development philosophy right from its beginning in 1997. At the early days, Fujaba had a special focus on code generation from UML diagrams resulting in a visual programming language with a special emphasis on object structure manipulating rules. Today, different rather independent tool versions are under development in Paderborn, Kassel, and Darmstadt for supporting reengineering, embedded real-time systems, education, specification of distributed control systems, integration with the ECLIPSE platform, and MOF-based integration of system (re-)engineering tools.

According to our knowledge, quite a number of research groups have also chosen Fujaba as a platform for UML and MDA related research and teaching activities. In addition, quite a number of Fujaba users send us requests for more functionality and extensions.

Therefore, the 8th International Fujaba Days will continue the tradition of bringing together Fujaba developers and Fujaba users from all over the world to present their ideas and projects and to discuss them with each other and with the Fujaba core development team. We look for

  • Papers on the evolution of the Fujaba metamodel, and the migration towards the ECLIPSE platform
  • Reports and tool demonstrations of new features or projects extending Fujaba
  • Reports and tool demonstrations of Triple Graph Grammar related work
  • Position papers presenting innovative ways of using Fujaba
  • Tutorial proposals explaining how to use or extend Fujaba (plugins)
  • Papers on applications and experiences (success stories and failures)
  • Papers on feature comparisons between Fujaba (or its related languages) and alternative approaches
  • Papers on teaching and teaching experience with Fujaba (or its related languages)
  • Papers on industrial applications and re-implementations of Fujaba (or its related languages)

The proceedings will be published as a technical report.

Important Dates

<table><thead><tr><th scope="col">Event</th><th scope="col">Deadline</th><th scope="col">Interval to next deadline</th></tr></thead><tbody><tr><td>Call for papers</td><td>October 21, 2010</td><td>12 weeks</td></tr><tr><td>Paper submission deadline</td><td>January 15, 2011</td><td>8 weeks</td></tr><tr><td>Author notification</td><td>March 15, 2011</td><td>2 weeks</td></tr><tr><td>Camera ready copy</td><td>April 1, 2011</td><td>2 weeks</td></tr><tr><td>Workshop</td><td>May 11-13, 2011 (Wed-Fri)</td><td></td></tr></tbody></table>


Submission should be done through the Fujaba Days 2011 submission page, handled by the EasyChair conference system (

A submission should consist of 2 to 5 pages and should follow the ACM strict format (


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