Software Engineering Group receives IBM Real-time Innovation Award

The Software Engineering Group at the University of Paderborn managed by Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Schäfer receives a Real-time Innovation Award from IBM Corp. in the amount of $18,000 USD. The contest was attended by above 200 projects, of which 11 (see list) were selected for funding.

The funding will be used to integrate and extend, if needed, the presented approaches of the Fujaba Real-Time Tool Suite in one development environment for Eclipse. Hence, we have to migrate the Fujaba plug-ins to Fujaba for Eclipse plug-ins. We can reuse our results of the Eclipse Award Winner Project Teaching object-oriented concepts and design with Eclipse.

From the left: Dr. Martin Hirsch, Stefan Henkler, Claudia Pristerjahn (Staff of the Software Engineering Group, University of Paderborn), Erwin Jung, (Head of the IBM University Relations Germany), and Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Schäfer (Head of the Software Engineering Group, University of Paderborn).

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