Software Engineering Group receives IBM Eclipse Innovation Award

The Software Engineering Group at the University of Paderborn managed by Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Schäfer receives an Eclipse Innovation Award from IBM Corp. in the amount of $15,000 USD. The contest was attended by 285 projects, of which 78 were selected for funding. The funding will be used to develop a learning environment for object-oriented concepts and object-oriented design based on the development environment Eclipse widely used within the IT industry.

The Software Engineering Group gained many years of experience with integrated development environments. Since 1997 the tool Fujaba has been developed at the group. It was successfully applied to teach object-oriented concepts in computer science courses at secondary schools in Paderborn and Braunschweig. The funding will be used to port these concepts to the integrated development environment Eclipse. Further information about the IBM Eclipse Innovation Award can be found at

On 15th April 2004 Mr. Manfred Roux, IBM Germany University Relations, awarded the prize to Prof. Wilhelm Schäfer from the Software Engineering group.

Find more information about the project here.

From the left: Matthias Meyer, Lothar Wendehals, Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Schäfer (Software Engineering Group, University of Paderborn), Manfred Roux (IBM University Relations Germany).

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